get crackin!

i have my first consultation in the works. i can't describe how excited i am. this could really truly actually turn into something.
i have made contact with a friend of a friend that we'll call Ms. J. i'm looking forward to our meeting but i'm a little sheepish. I need to get my little ducklings in a row before i march into her closet. so let's write them down.
a thourough closet examination will take place. and list of questions will be answered. 1) what do you feel is working? and what is not? 2) what is your favorite thing to wear? jeans? skirts? khakis? 3) what do you feel most pretty in? what makes you feel your best? 4) are there styles you feel like you want to try? are there styles you don't want to touch with a 10ft pole? 5) are there certain features of your body you love to show off? are there you wish God would take back? 6) do you need clothes for work/play/parties/dates/meetings?

good start? thoughts? let me know.

then i believe the next step will be a date set for some shopping. i haven't decided if the best way to go about this is if take clients shopping with me...or do the shopping myself and bring it to them for in home dressing room. it's tricky. a large part of the appeal of this idea is for people to not have to shop because time is precious. but the other part is that sometimes we all just need a second opinion in the dressing room and someone to be brave when picking out clothes to even try on. so, i'm not sure. i guess it will be a case by case basis.

very excited. here we go!


ok. here i go.

new idea. i love to shop. i love to hunt. seriously, shopping for fulfills a primal desire that hunting fulfills for men in camo.
and i don't need to. i have plenty of things to wear, my daughter has plenty of things to wear. so, the new idea, shop for other people. i'm not an overly critical person. i don't size everyone up and down and pick apart their wardrobe choices but if you ask me, i'll tell ya. and so the new idea...how to make part of my living doing what i love? so i'm working out a plan. a plan that will help fulfill my desire to shop(hunt) and help people save money on clothes, save time in stores, and ease the stress of bargain hunting. thrift stores are my sanctuary. i feel at home in them. i go into a zone, i honestly go into some form of tunnel vision. on a mission. people are shocked at the finds i find at all my favorite thrift and second hand shops. i have an extensive wardrobe but 98% is used, resold or a closeout purchase. i feel like a champion over retail. ha ha! go me, i don't pay full price for much, so sorry for most who don't know how to handle a cluttered rack with treasures to be found.

the other part of my plan is de-cluttering. i'll be the first to come clean, no pun intended, i am VERY messy. my closet has tons of hangers and yet, i keep most of my clothes in a pile next the bed. i try to keep up with it but when you try on 6 different things every morning and your running late to work and you still have to get the baby dressed, there's no time for hanging things back up. but, back the plan, the other part of the plan is helping other lovely ladies(or men) clean out the old the make room for new. i love helping make a clean sweep for others. without naming names i recently helped a girlfriend let go of about 15 white shirts and tank tops that were on style life-support. it felt good to toss them and it made her feel good that she could look at her closet again knowing it all fit and was worth looking at. so that's part of the plan.

so the new idea, create a little side business for myself. with the support of a few great friends championing for me, telling me to DO IT, i'm embarking on this little idea. i plan to document the finds i find, and the wardrobes i overhaul. sooo. here we go. i'm ready to take you off the beaten rack, into a new world of greener living and cheaper looking goodness.